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Digital Change: Why home office alone is not sufficient

Digitalization pushes massive structural changes and creates need for action. Only 8% of companies believe that the current business model is economically viable.


Software Factory resells ATLAS x2x IoT platform and implements SaaS Solutions

ATLAS establishes a Partner Model! Software Factory as Software manufacturer implements SaaS Solutions based on ATLAS x2x IoT platform. more.


To run your future business you NEED an IoT platform? Use the ATLAS x2x as YOUR framework for YOUR individual extensions. Save time and money and reduce implementation risks. more.


After 4 years of ramping up CARMUNICATION, in the General Assembly Oct. 2019 ATLAS overhanded the board role to the next generation. An inspiring workshop took place, where ATLAS presented thoughts to the Data Eco System.

ATLAS Innovation Garage Services

ATLAS has a successful track record to create, implement, and operate any IoT Initiative. Organizations will benefit from numerous services which generates customer value. With ready to use digital assets of ATLAS Innovation Garage, organizations can save more than 6 months of IT Development. These assets include: IoT platform for connecting devices, sensors, and machines, cloud solutions, machine learning and AI solutions, blockchain technology, containerization, data ecosystems and more. Find more.

ATLAS building first hardware prototypes

ATLAS Tech is committed to deliver readily available digital assets for its customers; hence, our team is engaged in building the first hardware prototypes (sensors or devices) by using the proven methods and frameworks. With the prototypes built at ATLAS, companies can save time and gain a better understanding of the final product.

ATLAS Garage Virtual Device

ATLAS Garage as a Service now offers the possibility to play around with devices and sensors virtually. The customers can experiment with several virtual sensors and stimulate actions which can be seen graphically. The digitalization has never been easier to understand and touch.

Atlas Garage

ATLAS Management und IT Consulting has launched its Innovation Garage as a Service which is a collection of several digital products in one place. ATLAS Garage aims to successfully enhance digitalization and provides the opportunity to many customers and teams to experiment and apply several technologies as well as play around with several tools and devices. For more info, please visit:

ATLAS Membership with FOSUN

Connecting European start-ups owning innovative business models and scalable technologies with established partners ‚Äď ATLAS is member of the FOSUN Europe Innovation Hub in Berlin.

Success story that x2x runs now on AWS, MS, Alibaba

ATLAS x2x is a full-featured Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0 platform which applies the newest technologies like containers, blockchain, and analytics. Currently, ATLAS x2x runs successfully in multiple clouds like AMAZON, MICROSOFT, and ALIBABA. Several benefits are associated with using multi-cloud strategy for IoT platforms including: reliability, flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in, cost-performance optimization etc.

Cooperation with ADVANTECH in Europe

ATLAS participates at ADVATECH – Co-Creation event and enriches the global Industrial PC Leader with ATLAS Digital Advisory and II4.0/IoT platform capability.

Microsoft Partnership

ATLAS became in April 2019 a Microsoft Solution Partner and gets full support to run its ATLAS x2x in the AZURE environment.

Brainy Vest Video

ATLAS Tech offers services to better utilize workforce and enhance safety and security for all involved. The solution helps oil & gas, mining and construction companies to cut costs and boost labour productivity, improve accident prevention, and reduce damage.


HERTH+BUSS hosted the first CARMUNICATION industry meeting. The community discussed Eco Systems, business challenges, the ATLAS platform and the benefit of a big data plug in.

The video of Bauer Irrigation Systems

Water is a valuable resource. Irrigation, digitally controlled, supports the efficient usage of this vital resource.


is growing constantly, the power of the swarm is unbeatable ‚Äď like the¬†ATLAS Platform¬†technology!

Embedded World 2018

Together with ATLAS, eCount Embedded Systems GmbH unleashed the new IoT-ready RFID-Access Point and (LCD) Monitor product lines

on the ‚ÄúEmbedded World 2018‚ÄĚ in N√ľrnberg. Control your RFID-Systems and Monitors remotely, powered by ATLAS x2x.

Sucessful 55 KM pet trail world record organized by PetTrailer

Atlas IoT platform technology meets emotion and measures the performance of 55 dog teams. PETSONO also supported this challenge.

Dos and Don’ts in IoT-ECO Systems


CARMUNICATION has a strong membership growth ‚Äď for your interest check our website¬†

IoT is an ongoing process (IoT Series 8/8)

In a few years IoT will be ever-present. Seeing IoT as an ongoing development cycle prepares for the challenges ahead.

55 KM pet trail world record

55 KM pet trail world record trial supported by PETSONO and ATLAS Technology

We are present at the embedded world 2017¬†presented its innovative solution, powered by the ATLAS x2x platform, at the embedded world in N√ľrnberg/Germany.

European Automotive Aftermarket

Boardmeeting CARMUNCIATION with its core members ATLAS, AD, Benelux, Birner, HaynesPro, HESS, SAG-AG, TEMOT, TOPMOTIVE.

Countries like Germany, Swiss, Austria, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, United Arabien Emirates are reached.

How IoT will reduce SME costs

Using IoT can add value to all sizes of companies.

New product strategies with I4.0 and Big Data

ATLAS provides its experience on Digital Acceleration at the E&E-Management-Roundtable by publish industry verlag.

IoT Operations (IoT Series 7/8)

IT departments will face major change to keep up with the day to day IoT Business.


the european wide mobility platform, based on ATLAS technologie, is introduced at the AutoZum.

World map of IoT

ATLAS is among the world’s players in IoT.

Entering the IoT market requires risk management (IoT series 6/8)

Not committed sales organizations or badly managed support processes are only some potential risks.

Product design and prototyping (IoT series 5/8)

>>Hope is not a strategy<<

Telematics for e-mobility

greenmove uses ATLAS technology for its KIA fleet .

Digital Acceleration

We are already in wave two and tomorrow starts.

Industry 4.0 Roundtable FH Joanneum

ATLAS GPS Pet Tracker

It is not only a gadget.
ATLAS GPS Pet Tracker and netinsurer take care for your love in a technologically innovative way.

He who has the data calls the tune (IoT Series 4/8)

Positioning products and companies within the IoT landscape turns out to be a challenging problem. Find out why.

Expect the Unexpected (IoT series 3/8)

Building up a sufficient IoT Infrastructure is vital. See how to prepare for the unexpected.

How to make money with IoT (IoT series 2/8)

How IoT use-cases and business models can be shaped is shown by Gert Keuschnigg and Oliver Loisel.

Netflix and Socks

Find out what Netflix has got to do with socks and see how Hagleitner hygiene successfully brings Internet of Things to the washroom.

How to develop an IoT Strategy (IoT series 1/8)

Rome wasn’t not built in a day. And also an IoT strategy should be developed incrementally. The challenge is to synchronize execution driven actions and midterm corporation targets.
ATLAS ioT Serie 1v8.pdf (only in German language)

Industrie Magazin

Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Mangement are more and more affected by smart technology. ATLAS was asked to privde 5 theses on the digitization within production companies.


‚ÄěInnovation projects need a garage‚Äú says Dipl.-Ing. Gert Keuschnigg, ATLAS Managing Partner in order to realize successful IoT-, Industry 4.0 und Telematik-Projects.

TELEFIT Roadshow

In a video podcast ATLAS Managing Partner Dr. Oliver Loisel shows IoT use cases and best practices on how a company can learn from what it¬īs smart devices tell.